Overthinking thoughts at night

I have a problem.
I struggle to sleep.
The struggle is not the problem, the problem is my brain. It likes to think about everything and anything especially when I’m relaxing and trying to get that much needed shut eye.

Now being a person who suffers from anxiety, thoughts in the wee hours of the night can get a tad extreme.
My brain explodes and starts to overthinking things which naturally leads to me sending long paragraphed text messages to the boyfriend or friends at stupid o clock in the morning wondering if everything is Okay and a million other things!!
(Of course everything is okay, it’s just me being stupid – per usual)

As well as this, these are the more ‘normal’ things my brain likes to think of:
Song lyrics!
Now I’m sure this happens to everyone and I’m also pretty sure that the lyrics that pop up are the most annoying ones your brain could possibly think of, OR its a song that you only know one line of, and it goes round and round and round in your head!

did I?
Ahh the did I list…
Did I remember to lock the door?
Did I do that homework that was set for tomorrow?
Did I set my alarm?
And whatever reason it is, you have to get up and move from that O so comfy bed and warm sleeping place and check just to put your mind at rest!

I wonder?
what’s for dinner tomorrow thought?
What accent does my dog have?
Will humans ever grow wings?
Why can’t I sleep?

there’s also that time where you start to ponder life, and what happens after life, does your soul carry on after you die, what happens to your consciousness, does it keep going?From there on out every single thought you have is deep and dark and it keeps going and going until the ever depending doom of sadness creeps up on you!

Now I’m going to try and sleep without thinking about the things I think of just before I go to sleep!

Yours truly
Sophie x

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