Trying new things

Tonight I braved the cold harsh weather of England and went for a meal with the boyfriend and two friends.  I had my first Mexican food experience! (Shocker)I must say I rather enjoyed it!

One thing you don’t know about me is that i am a very very fussy eater and will always stick to what I’m familiar with. For example in a italian restaurant i will stick with a plain cheese pizza and not try anything ‘exotic’ and new.

Today I took a leap of faith and decided to try something new (although i was rather fussy with the filling) I had chicken and mixed peppers quesadillas and for pudding tres leches. Danny even shared his food and let me have a bite of his pulled pork quesadillas. (a rare occasion)

The quantity of the food was excellent, you definitely got your money’s worth, and that pudding, OMG IT WAS AMAZING!! I didn’t finish it (which is normal for me, i rarely finish food) but it was still delicious!


If your ever in Keighley and you want to try something different then this is the place to go!! Delicious food, lovely atmosphere and welcoming staff!!

Heres to trying something new!

Yours truly
Sophie x

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