My signature Butterfly buns



I have been told that my buns are great! (Pardon the pun) I have also been told that they are the best in the world! (Okay maybe a slight over exaggeration but to be fair it was my mother) But to this I say I agree! They are light and fluffy and are delicious! So I have decided to share my talent of brilliant bun baking (oh yeah I just did that – Alliteration 😉 ) and give you the recipe I use, which of course is the basic bero book recipe!

A recipe for butterfly buns:

– 4oz of SugarIMG_7636
– 4oz of Self raising flour
– 4oz  of Margarine/ butter.
– 2 medium eggs

– Medium sized bowl
-Weighing Scales
-Bun tray
-Bun cases

Pre heat over too: Fan over 190 Degrees and Gas mark 5

Step 1.
Weigh out 4oz of margarine into a medium sized bowl then weigh out 4oz of sugar and add to the same bowl.
Step 2.
Mix together the two ingredients, I find folding the ingredients together is better (You can use an electric whisk, I just choose not too)
Step 3.
Once the sugar and margarine is mixed together, weigh out 4oz of your self raising flour and add to the mixture.
Step 4.
Crack two medium sized eggs into the sugar, margarine and flour mix. Then mix ingredients together. (Again you can use an electric whisk, if you do use a spoon fold ingredients together to add extra air).

Step 5.
Add mixture into the bun cases, in the bun tin. Make sure each bun case as the same amount of mixture. Then put into the oven for about 14-15 minutes. (Do check around 12-13 minutes to see if cooked)

Step 6.
Once buns are cooked take out of oven and leave to cool.

Don’t forget to wash up as you go! Especially don’t forget to do the pre wash!! (Which is were you eat he left over mixture from the bowl – I know its bad for you but really, WHO CARES!!)

Now it’s time for the decorating!!!!! 
I have gone with a simple buttercream mixture, but you can add any extra’s like chocolate, food colouring and also flavouring.

5oz of Margarine
– 10oz of Icing sugar
-1-2tbsp of Milk

Measuring scales
– Medium Bowl
– Spoon

Step 1.
Weigh out 5oz of margarine and add to medium sized bowl.
Step 2. 
Weigh out 10oz of Icing sugar and add to medium sized bowl.
Step 3.
Mix the margarine and icing sugar together until its smooth.
Step 4.
Add 1-2 tbsp of milk (if needed) and mix.
Step 5. 
cut out round holes in buns, making sure you don’t do it all the way to the bottom.
Step 6.
Add buttercream filling.IMG_7654
Step 7.
Cut top of bun (that you cut out) in half, to make he wings.
Step 8.
Add wings on top of buttercream.

And voilà!!

Hope you enjoy the fairy cakes!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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