The challenge

I have a bucket list (I know it’s weird because I’m young) but on that list I have things that I want to achieve throughout my life. So far I have ticked of 8 things!

One thing amongst many that I would like to tick of my list this year is to read 100 books by New Years! Now that in itself is a challenge. I did a little maths (don’t laugh if it’s wrong, I ain’t good with maths) but I worked out that I had to read 3 books a week in order to complete this challenge.

I think that it’s good to challenge yourself throughout your life. The saying ‘YOLO‘ is right, You do only live once. So why not do that! Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself to loose that extra bit of weight. Challenge yourself to give up that chocolate. Challenge yourself to say something positive everyday! So that is exactly what I’m doing!

So far in my challenge I have only read 3. (Yes I am behind)

But I will do it! I WILL!!

So at the end of each month I will update you lovely people with my progress! I will also give you the name and author of my favourite book that month!!

Yours truly
Sophie x

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