New favourite film!

On Monday I made a list of my 5 top favourite films. I have just witnessed the greatest film ever made that may trump most of the ones on that list!

This film didn’t recieve the best reviews ever, it only scored a 6.7/10 on IMDB and got some low scores on fan made reviews but I however loved this film! I was fixed from the start and throughout! I was mesmerised by the sexy lead role (very pleasing too the eye 😉 ) who took badass to a whole new level and I loved it!!

This film is The Guest! (2014)


The story line is amazing, the characters are awesome. Sexy badass lead role with beautiful blue eyes, whimpy bullied kid and goph teenage girl! I love the way he helps the characters in individual way even though he destroys everything in his wake!

My Favourite part is at the end when ‘David’ puts on the soundtrack and he goes after the children and the military officer! (Oooopppsss spoilers 😉 )

The ending has an awesome twist, just as your about to think that the whimpy teenage boy could take down a badass military operative you are given this twist and he walks out in disguise! LOVE IT!! I loved it so much I immediately re-watched it after it had finished!!

What would be even better is if they made a book of this film where it gave you the ins and outs of this guys mind as well as his background! That would be a good read!! (Geeky I know but I do love to read)

I would say that this film would take over a spot in my top five favourite films and replace ‘monster in Paris’. I am fan Girling just like I did for the ward!!

You should give it a watch seriously!!!

Your truly
Sophie x

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