There’s a first for everything

Life is full of firsts. Today could be your day for firsts, for example; Today could be your first time riding a bike without the stabilisers, first time driving a car or even your first date. 😉

Today was full of firsts for me!

Today I went on a trip to merry old Manchester with my friend Rhi. We went to one of her favourite YouTuber’s book signing. It was a first for me because I have never been to a book signing or even met a youtuber.

We got to manchester around 4:30 and did some shopping! Wouldn’t dare miss a chance to pop into my favourite shop Hollister. (especially with a sale)


After that we decided to go for some food. We stopped at subway and I bought myself a 12inch Italian with ham and cheese + salad. It was delicious!!!! (Never eaten a sandwich so fast in my life!)


After that we shuffled on over to Waterstones and sat outside the shop as they ‘cut’ the queue. Then I began to wonder what was in store for me and my pal. Turns out it was 4 FREAKING HOURS OF WAITING IN A QUEUE THAT ONLY MOVED CENTIMETRES AT A TIME!! (As you can tell I wasn’t pleased) But being the good friend I am I stuck it out.

(Sexy picture of me and Rhi ^)

I’m not joking when I say this queue was huge!!!!!!!!!


But the good thing about it was the people you meet during the tedious queue waiting. We met two people who were absolutely hilarious and made the 4 hours zoooooom by.
All in all Rhi met her youtuber, got her booked signed and got some awesome selfies! I got chronic back pain and a burnt tongue from my steaming hot Costa, but what are friends for! (I did have a good day hanging out though)

Hope you had some cool ‘firsts’ today!!

Yours truly
Sophie x

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