All things Batman

In an earlier post I wrote about my unhealthy obsession with candles. (Go check it out 😉 )
Well, saying that, what I neglected to tell you is the unhealthy obsession continues…. with Batman!! I have everything you could possibly think of to do with batman. If I had enough money I would buy the Batmobile! (A girl can only wish to have that kinda cash!).

I have many of the Batman films, Including the 1966 Batman movie with Adam West (My latest and proudest buy) and of course the great and honourable Christopher Nolan movies. I also have lots of Batman clothing; leggings, jumpers, pyjamas, socks, knickers, T- shirts and a my awesome batman onsie! (I freaking love that onsie! – thanks Danny for the awesome christmas gift) As well as this for christmas I got a Macbook and I wanted to ‘pimp’ it out, so I looked and looked and finally found ‘the one’. (And I’m not talking about the boyfriend hahaha) I bought a Batman sticker. It looks awesome!

Last year my teachers even noticed that I loved Batman. My media teacher ended up calling me Batman because it was easier then Sophie.

10937286_10203728695604020_672800605_n 10949766_10203728754765499_566375948_n

10954181_10203728754605495_1807320532_n 10956072_10203728754965504_1481775744_n

What you have just seen is a selection of things that I have that feeds my obsession with Batman.

Short and sweet blog post today, and a little more of an insight into me! (Although you had no choice in it, Ha) Hope you enjoy.

Yours truly

Sophie x


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