That time I tried photography

Everyone likes to think of themselves as photographers. Whether its taking a ‘selfie’ or a landscape picture for Instagram, we all think that we are the bee’s knee’s. We take something that isn’t interesting at all, find an obscure angle, stick a filter on it and voila professional photographer!! I would know because I do exactly the same thing… 😉

Although there are millions of people out there who are spectacular at photography and the product that comes out the other end shows it! (I’m totally jealous!) 

So today I thought I would share my attempt at photography! (Go on, have a good giggle! I know you want too! Maybe even go for a big belly laugh?) Hahaha.
So here they are:

10957976_10203741277798567_546095622_nA Walk in the park

10958212_10203741276838543_1404769474_n Sunset

10957961_10203741277198552_1693647741_n The London Eye

10954173_10203741277278554_1788819167_n Lake Windermere (The Lake District)

10947671_10203741276758541_1331992068_n Sun Flares

10945460_10203741277638563_1161044507_n A Rainy Day

10944070_10203741277518560_358306211_n That time I camped out

10942363_10203741276958546_541847669_n The Colosseum (When In Rome)

10937808_10203741277998572_1825928536_n Over The Tops

10934297_10203741277878569_1715106825_n A Silhouette of a House

I may laugh and joke about me trying to do photography, but I’m actually happy with the way they turned out. To say there done on an iPhone and not a professional camera with a million and one lenses I think they’re pretty good! Im an amateur and proud! 😉

They definitely went on Instagram!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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