January Favourites

Soon its going to February and the first month of me blogging will be over and done with. I have to say I have loved every minute of it and loved the comments that you’ve left. It’s weird to think that so many people view and read my blog because to me I just write a load of crap! But from my stats, comments and likes its obvious you guys are enjoying it and thank you for reading! I hope you carry on doing so! 🙂

I have taken a leap from the Youtube world and decided to do a post on my January favourites. I will do a favourites post at the end of each month and update you on which beauty products, clothes, DVD’s, candles and games are my personal faves.

So first month first list, so here it goes!

Beauty Products


These are my favourite beauty products for this month, many of these I got for christmas.
-The brush I bought from boots for £9.99 and it’s amazing! It’s so soft (the bristles part) and is amazing for putting on powder.
– Hot chocolate lip balm – I got this from a friend for christmas and it’s amazing! It smells amazing, tastes amazing (FYI I haven’t eaten it, but it’s hard not to taste it when it’s on your lips!) It also makes your lips so soft and isn’t sticky!!
– Jack Wills Hand cream – Another christmas present, I have to say I don’t really like moisturising products but this hand cream is awesome! It has a weird smell to it but your hands are so soft after using it!
– Jack Wills Body wash – Again christmas present, but I love it. It lathers up well and you don’t need much to get every inch of your body. Another plus, it smells amazing!
– Juicy Couture Perfume – My mum got me this as a present from her holiday to Italy. This perfume is by far my favourite one, it smells great, lasts long and is irresistible!! Priced at £31.99 (Depending on which shop/ size)
Rimmel match perfection foundation – I normally use a maybelline foundation but I decided to branch out and choose a different product. I find this foundation perfect for my skiing. It smooths the uneven surfaces, not sticky and covers evenly. It’s just amazing. Priced at £9.99



As I am growing up and no longer want to have the look of a 15 year old girl, I decided to branch out and buy some stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily wear. Yet I love them. Some stuff however is still my style!
– Croquet Pink and White crop top – This top is from Topshop and I love It! It’s cute and simple and also grown up. I wouldn’t normally wear a top like this but I went out on a whim and bought it. My boyfriend likes it which is always a positive. It was on sale for £18.
– Hollister Jeggings – I bought these when I went to Manchester (The book signing, check out the post 😉 ) These were on sale of £29 and I love them! They’re great pants, nice and snug and a great colour.
– White fluffy socks – It’s that time of year were fluffy socks are definately needed. I love fluffy socks, I have a million pairs of fluffy socks and I wear them almost every day! You can find them everywhere around £4.



If you have been following my blog throughout this month, you will already know that I am in love with candles so I thought I would share my favourite scents of this month.
– Black plum blossom – I FREAKING LOVE THIS SCENT!! My grandma got me it for christmas, it’s a gorgeous fruity scent. It’s not too strong either!
– Honey and spice – My good pal Jujin got me it for my birthday and it smells amazing! It would be a candle I would burn on a cold winter nights with a hot cup of tea!
– Vanilla – The fancy jar on the right in the picture was a christmas present. I love the jar it cute and quant and very decorative! The vanilla candle is plain and simple.



Now I know what your thinking, teenage girl and gaming weird concoction but it is true. I love gaming and it’s a good past time! The games I picked for my January favourites came out a while back but I got them this month and started playing.
– The Last Of Us – this game is AMAZING!!! I haven’t finished the game yet but it’s so immersive and has an amazing story line. I have to admit I’ve got stuck on a few sections but with some perseverance I pulled through! I can’t wait to finish this game, but I’ll also be sad when it ends! Priced at £29.71
– Alice: Madness Returns – I saw some walkthrough’s for this game and I thought I would give it a go, it is actually a really good game. I love the story line and how they’ve incorporated the old school story of Alice in wonderland. Priced at £29.99



These two dvd’s have been the two films I have watched multiple times during the course of this month.
– The Guest – I saw this film last week and instantly fell in love with it. Yes I know it didn’t get good reviews and bombed at the box office but I love it. Priced at £10.99
– Guardians of the Galaxy – OF COURSE this one would be my favourite. If you’ve seen the post about my top 5 films you would understand why this is on here. The dancing, whitty banter and attractive male lead. Priced at £12.99

I know that some of my favourites aren’t the conventional ones you see on the Youtube videos but still, these are mine. I hope you enjoyed reading my favourites and carry on following my blog posts!! I also realise I said the word ‘love’ quite a lot but it’s the right choice for all these picks.

Yours truly

Sophie x

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