What women think before a night out!

The idea for this blog post sprouted to my mind at the wee hours of this morning when I was getting ready for school. I thought today I would enlighten the world of bloggers on what every woman thinks before a night out!

– Am I going to pull tonight?
– Should I shave my legs?
*feels legs – YES! Bit prickly!*
– How should I do my hair?
– Should I curl or straighten my hair?
*Hmmmm, If I straighten my hair it will POOF up and go wild. Curl! Definitely curl!*
– What should I wear? Dress or leggings and a cute top!! I NEED HELP!!
*sends a picture to best friend and ask’s for honest opinion*
– Do I go sexy with legs and boobs out or sophisticated? Decisions!!
– Boobs and legs out for definite!
– Hmm, Too much boob
*pulls dress up*
– Oh God! Too much leg
*TOO MUCH EVERYTHING!! I can’t win!*
– I’m going to wear my pulling knickers just in case! 😉
– Oh god!, these knickers are not comfortable
– Fake eyelashes or not?
– Do I need a handbag?
– Should I take a coat, it looks cold!!
Naaaaah!! A coat won’t look good with my outfit
*walks outside*
– Damn! Should’ve brought a coat!

Well there you go, a little insight to what girls think before a night out! So you men out there, appreciate what women do to impress you!!!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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