Early Valentines present

We all know that February is the month of luuuuuurrrvvvvveeeee 😉 and Valentine’s Day is quickly creeping up on us all (or for those with partners). A couple of weeks back I purchased some tickets for me and the fella to go see his favourite DJ. Mr Oliver Heldens!! It was an amazing night, 6 hours of constant dancing!


It started of with a train journey to the wonderful city of leeds! For 8 o clock at night on a Thursday the train was surprisingly empty! I did do some dancing in the Isle to get warmed up for the night ahead, but sadly you shall not be seeing that! (Embarrassing!!)
When we arrived in leeds we practically ran to TGI Friday’s it was so cold!!

I love TGI Friday’s it’s one of my favourite restaraunts! Wagamamas in second place!! We ordered our drinks and food and chowed down!


I got my favourite drink. Granny Smith Apple Martini (seriously it’s delicious!! Check it out, it’s not on the menu)

After that we walked on over to the O2 Academy and joined the queue. We didn’t queue long which was awesome! 30 minutes later we was inside and buying some drinks!

The concert started around 10:30. Supporting Dj’s came on and the crowd started filling up. We got a decent spot, second row from the front. Around 12, Oliver Heldens special support act came on, Mr Belt & Wezol.


They kept dishing out some awesome mixes and the crowd was loving it! There set list lasted an hour and a half. Then it was time for the one and only!


(Bit of a crappy picture, I got it from a video)

The crowd went mental as he dished out track after track. I loved each and every minute, got amazing videos and some bruises (seriously I was so squeeshed, so many people pushing in)
Luckily I had my handsome boyfriend to save me from being elbowed in the face!! (Hate being small)


Hours went by but it only felt like minutes. It finished at 3:30 in the morning. Danny’s father picked us up and we got home around 5 in the morning. I have to say I was quite tired the next day!!

Then as we was on the way home I got a notification and Oliver Heldens had favourited my tweet!!


But… AMAZING concert and I’m glad I bought the tickets for Danny! (Early valentines present) it was his first concert since blue at party in the park and I’m glad I was the one to take him.

Yours truly

Sophie x


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