My list of must see films of 2015

Now I know this post is a little late seen as it’s February and the second month of 2015 but I am known to procrastinate a little (especially with homework – I’m a last minute kinda gal!) But here it is my list of MUST SEE FILMS OF 2015!

1.  Fifty Shades of Grey – STOP! Right there I know what your thinking (you perves) a teenage girl going to see a film thats about kinky stuff and sex and is probably just going to get a kick out of it because the male population of this world is calling it ‘Female Porn’. BUT NO! I am not going to see that film for that reasons, I have been a fan since the beginning when the books were released and I read and enjoyed each one of the books – not because of the sex – but for the story line. I enjoyed reading about the characters and how the characters grow, mature and change throughout the series! I for one am looking forward too seeing this film.

2. Jurassic World – I am sceptical about this film because of the trailer reviews I have watched (granted I shouldn’t of watched them because it spoils it) but they have given some interesting points on what as been shown. But nevertheless I am a fan of this franchise and to be honest I love dinosaurs (they fascinate me – geeky I know!) Looking forward to seeing this!

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron – I AM SO EXCITED for this film. I can’t wait to see whats going to happen and the trailers give so little information but enough to make you excited and looking forward to the release. Another plus would be that I get to see Robert Downey Jr. in another films (sexy!)

4. Spectre (James Bond) – Hmmmm…. To tell you the truth le boyfriend told me to add this to the list. I do not like Daniel Craig as James Bond (Personally I love Pierce Brosnan – now he is sexy!) But yet again I have to say it is a must watch simply because of the franchise plus everyone is going to be looking forward too it. Also I love the amazing weapons and gadgets they get!

5. Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – Again not really excited for this one and not really a fan of the franchise either! (please don’t hurt me!) Not my kinda genre but I will go see it, simply because everyone will and sadly watching the Star Wars franchise is on my bucket list.

6. Minions – OMG SO EXCITED!!! I love these cute little yellow things and I’m glad they got a spin off film. They never fail to make me laugh in the Despicable Me movies and I love the fact that the creators gave them there own language! Also there obsession with bananas is cute!

7. Insidious: Chapter 3 – I am sad that this film is not directed by my favourite director JAMES WAN! Yet I am still excited to see this film, I love the horror genre and I love this franchise. Although I am worried about the way this film is going. The trailer I feel gave a little too much away and It’s looking like we’ll get the same old jump scares, but WHO CARES! I LOVE IT

8. Terminator Genisys – YES, YES, YES, YES! Can’t wait, I love the terminator franchise and the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a total BADASS!!!!! I’m glad he’s got a part in this film and I am hoping that this film is going to be better them Terminator Salvation because I did not care for that film. Plus It gives a totally different view on the timeline of Sarah Connor.

Well there you go, my list of must see films of 2015… Make of it what you will, you may have different opinions but there’s my opinion.

Yours truly

Sophie x


15 thoughts on “My list of must see films of 2015

  1. danifye says:

    I think TERMINATOR is in trouble sadly. And I think the best film of this year will either be AVENGERS or SPECTRE (outside shot!).

    Also, these other films are gonna get watched this year!!

    Fast & Furious 7 (The Rock vs The Stath? Cmon!)
    Mad Max: Fury Road (The trailer says it all. Watch it! )
    Inside Out (New from Pixar)
    Tommorowland (Looks intriguing. Little is known about it but the directors pedigree is superb)
    Ted 2 (awful trailer, but saving things for the film I hope)
    John Wick (the States already have this one. It got a LOT of love from everybody who saw it, plus who doesn’t love violent action movies?!
    Ant-Man (Because Marvel. Duh)

    Also Mission Impossible 5, Fantastic Four, It Follows, Pixels, Crimsom Peak, Mockingjay Pt 2, Maze Runner 2. Good year!!


  2. Kelley says:

    Just read your Fifty Shades review and I’m hoping I enjoy it a little more when I see it this weekend (we already have tickets at a theater with reclining seats! That alone should boost my favorability :D) And after years of watching Everwood, Parks and Recreation and seeing Guardians of the Galaxy this year, I’ve decided I’ll watch anything with Chris Pratt in it, so I’m excited for Jurassic World too!

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