My AS English coursework

So I thought I would do something different today and enlighten you with some information that no one really knows! I like to write, like really really like to write, I used to write short stories when I was younger about my weird ass dreams I had (still have, I mean some of them are just crazy!!) Anyway for my AS coursework I decided to write a story opening based on one of my favourite books – Interview with a Vampire and also a guilty pleasure of mine because I love vampire books (weird I know!) So here it is! Enjoy!


What I saw before was different to what I had seen in that bar, it looked like something that could only come from my dreams. Yet I was still fascinated by it, but then again I’ve always been fascinated. Ever since I was a little girl. Constantly reading books, and watching films. Reading different authors perspectives on the same creature. It was amazing how different people see the same thing in different ways. Although I knew they couldn’t really exist, something deep down inside me knew they did, and that something has been itching to find one. By chance one just happened to be in a bar that I wasn’t going to be in. Something drew me to this place and I was going to find out, whether I like it or not.

As I stood and studied this man it occurred to me that what I had read in books, the predictions authors had made, were true. The tall dark man before me was very handsome, his jawline perfectly sculptured. His skin was white like snow and looked equally as cold. His hair was a rich golden blonde and rather ratty but at the same time looked graceful. His body looked firm and tensed, like he was fighting the urge to stop himself from doing something drastic. When I looked up at his face he was staring at me. Those eyes… well those eyes were beautiful, the grey mixed with a hint of green. They were mesmerizing. I could look at them all day. His clothes were gothic Victorian yet they suited him perfectly, just like the aristocrats of their time.

“Why are you here?” It shocked me; his voice was so deep and commanding I didn’t know what to say. I knew he was waiting for an answer but he just stared at me and kept staring, like he was looking into my soul. To tell you the truth it freaked me out!

“Answer me girl!” he said with such anger.

“Why do you use that tone?” I asked, I knew it would be wrong to cross a vampire but hey, what have I got to live for!

“I know what you are, and I’m not afraid” I said with such diligence. I began to study his stern expression trying to predict what he was going to say.

“So, what am I?” his right eyebrow arched upwards and a mischievous smile grew on his face. He already knew my answer so why did he ask? Is he testing me?

“You’re…. You’re a vampire”. Crap! I knew he saw the flaw in what I had just said. I showed fear. But I knew it wasn’t fear of him. It was the fear of my future.

“Admirable, you are of a high intelligence…I know a great deal about you Mia St’Clare. I know who you are, your past, and your family. Please don’t try and cross me, it could end very badly for you”. I knew from how he said that sentence that he was telling the truth. It’s weird but ever since I got the news that my book would be published, I felt someone watching me. That niggling feeling in the back of your head, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye. Freaky. But of course like any sane person, I shrugged it off.

“How?” I was confused and that annoyed me. I hate feeling like this, so insecure and powerless. I wanted to know how he knew all of this. I wanted to beat him at his own evil game.

“I’ve been around for many long tedious centuries, I have my ways.” He said with a devilish grin on his face. A chill ran down my spine, he looked so evil yet handsome. This is a wicked circle to be involved in!

“So you were spying on me?” I said with a hint of cheekiness.

“Yes I was. Although I have a specific reason for this”. Hmm well this is intriguing. I know I’m falling into a vicious circle, even more. Digging a deeper hole only for me to try and crawl out of at the end.

“I need your help!” he looked like he regretted to say that. He saw the new expression on my face and began to move closer to me. His mischievous smile began to form again, this time baring his fangs. Oh this is not good!

“I know what your profession is so don’t try and get out of this.” He saw the fear crawl back into my expression, he stopped moving and his smile faded. It almost looked like I hurt him somehow.

“I’m not going to hurt you so you have no need to be so fearful… My name is Louis Almond Godric” He bowed low and graceful. I felt the need to curtsy but I didn’t, I just stood there in awe of how graceful he was. Oh god, this can’t be happening!

“You want me to write a book about you?” Great! I was hoping for a holiday!

“Yes”. Plain and simple, so unlike the stories I have read from over the years. He seemed so different from what I had read in the stories. I read of vicious and bloodthirsty vampires that liked to rid the land of all human existence. Leaving bone dried bodies along the way, not stopping until they were at the very top. As well as towns where vampires and human could live together, but that came with great sacrifices. Yet never of a friendly vampire, that wanted me to write a book about him. He took a step towards me so he was right in my face. Far too close for comfort, move Mia move!


I stood and took in every detail of this human that was standing before me. She stood there with such vigour, so beautiful in her own plain way, yet I knew she was scared. Her long auburn hair hung down over her face to hide her fearful expression. I didn’t want that. All I want is to be accepted! I need a society that doesn’t grab it’s pitch forks and torches at the sight of a vampire and try and erase my existence to save their own pathetic little lives.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked trying not to bare my fangs.

“Whether I’m going to die right now or in the not too distant future!”

I wish I knew what she was thinking. As we stood there in this dark room I saw many emotions flicker through her face. Although I couldn’t read her mind, like other vampires, I still couldn’t have predicted what happened next. She ran. I ran after her. It didn’t take much effort of course because I am a vampire. What human could out run us? We’re the superior race! She could die in the matter of mere seconds. I grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall and pinned her there.

“You shouldn’t have run, little Mia”. I bared my fangs and I could feel the darkness crawl out of me.

“Let go of me!!” she kicked and screamed. Puny human, you should save your energy. You can’t get out. I felt the darkness take over, creeping through every inch of my body. Crawling through my veins and taking over. I didn’t want this. God help me! Save this women’s soul! I have to fight this… this urge.

Well there it is my coursework. I got a decent grade for it and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I hope you liked reading it.

Yours Truly

Sophie x

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