50 Shades of Shit

Today is the day I wasted 2 hours of my existence in a cinema watching 50 Shades of Shit! Here’s to my review….

I shall start from the very beginning (Waddup Mary Poppin’s reference) When these books first got published I have to admit I was a bit skeptical to jump on the 50 Shades bandwagon and become a follower of the franchise. I was young and to be quite honest with you a rather embarrassed to be reading such a raunchy book! But I bought the book and amazingly raced through all three books within a couple of weeks. I loved the story line (as I’ve said before in a previous post – not the sex) I loved the characters and how both the main characters developed and changed over time AND most importantly I loved the connection between Anastasia and Christian.

Alas…. I am not here to review the books, I am here to review the film that has just been released. I have to admit something here, I did indulge in reading/ watching some reviews that other people had made and I really shouldn’t of done that. It put a ‘debby downer’ on my mood for the film in general. The books were poorly written but I still loved them. The film however I did not.

It was POOR! I’m glad I didn’t pay for it (Thanks Danny – Love you) and I have wasted two hours of my life which I could’ve used on something more productive. But If I hadn’t of watched this film I would not be bringing you this post! Lets start with the good aspects (simply because it’s a very short list) The cinematography and lighting was great, well thought out and created the mood. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the end of the good list.

I hope your sat comfortably because this is hella of a long list.

Character connections – ZILCH
Character development – Minimal
Running time – TOO LONG
What you see is what you get…
Didn’t really need to be an 18, you see tits in Titanic and thats a 12
Didn’t live up to expectations of the books
You see both sides of the story (no inner ear dialogue of thoughts and feelings)
Could’ve been a comedy with the dialogue that was involved and the way the actor’s portrayed the characters
The whole story played around them when in the books you had other little plots… For example Jose and Ana, Paul the shop assistant, Paul’s dad… You see nothing else that contributes towards Ana as a person

I seriously could go on and on but I wouldn’t want to bore you with it…

In conclusion, this is just a film about a man who likes to hurt and abuse women for his own pleasure, there is some hint right at the end of the film of some sort of feelings but thats about it… and in my opinion complete opposite to the books. It’s boring and do you know how I know this, Danny fell asleep half way through it!!! It lacks everything a good films has and seriously isn’t worth the time or the effort.

Yours truly

Sophie x

4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Shit

  1. gyordanova says:

    The best comment I have read about it: “I wasted 2 hours of my existence in watching…” this movie. I promised myself not to annoy and waste my time anymore with reading anything about the movie, but you have tempted me. Well said: I could have spend my time in many different and better ways.
    You can have a look at my two posts, in relation to the movie, on my blog: https://empowermemore.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/went-for-groceries-but-found-this/
    Happy blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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