Manchester Haul

I get told time and time again by many people that I always get new stuff, that being clothes or general things but I’m the one thats saved up in order to buy said items. However on rare occasion my mum has been known to splash some cash. Today being that very day. As I have been rather ill recently and some important dates my mum decided to take a day of work and take me to Manchester to do a little bit of shopping. This trip to do some shopping also gave me an idea for a post, a haul post is much needed because If I do say so myself I did pick up some cute items. (Such a girly comment)

First stop Hollister. Everyone knows I am a fan of the brands and a sucker for a bargain, but high brands don’t offer such cheap prices. But today was my lucky day when Hollister had a sale on! (I just couldn’t help myself!) So after some much needed help by a very nice gentlemen I was soon in the changing room trying on many pairs of skinny jeans.
These jeans are the thicker skinny jeans and were on sale for £29. I know that doesn’t sound cheap to some people but when you look at the original price of £54 you gotta grab em’.

Next stop New Look… Now I originally went in there looking for a cute dress for an upcoming wedding but had no such luck finding said item so instead I ended up looking at handbags (cliche I know) Earlier this week I had said to Danny that I wanted a new handbag and hoped to persuade my mum. I did manage to persuade thy mother to buying me my new handbag but only by the power of bribing her with £2.04 left on a gift card, Student discount and £5 extra! Mum – 0 Sophie – 1
It’s a spacious bag with a big inside. A zip pocket inside for them keep safe items and a phone pocket (big enough for an iPhone). It cost £22.99.

By then It was time for lunch and as we was searching for somewhere to eat, I smelt the most wonderful, luscious, sweet scent that I always crave! I knew what shop was coming up and If by magic my feet veered right and walked straight into THE YANKEE CANDLE SHOP!!!! (I LUUUUUUUUURVE CANDLES!!) I couldn’t help myself from sniffing all the scents (I realise I sound like a junky, get over it!) and finally I settled on a scent!
Red Raspberry, It smells sweet but subtle and not over bearing. T-lights from Yankee Candle Shops cost £6.99.

After eating some delicious pizza and Pizza Hut we carried on shopping in order to walk of the calories that, lets face it we inhaled. (yummy!) We then stopped by Select. It didn’t look very promising to begin with until I ventured to the back of the shop and saw this cheeky little number.
What you can’t see from the picture is that its an oversized t-shirt/ hoodie that is loose fitting. I thought it would be perfect for dancing and just had to buy it! It cost £10.99.

By the time we had finished in Select we had been in Manchester for around 4 hours and I was getting tired and my feet were killing me (I know I sound old and pathetic, but take into consideration I have been Ill for a while) So we decided to drop by one last shop. This shop is renowned for how busy it is simply because of it’s cheap prices. Busy places, small spaces makes Sophie one anxious person. Primark (insert dramatic dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun) I hate Primark, It’s one of them in-between shops, you can either find lots of cute little things or find nothing at all. Today I happened to stumble along something that I could not refuse.

BATGIRL PYJAMAS!!!!!!! If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I am obsessed with all things Batman and this new PJ set fuels the obsession! I couldn’t just leave them sat on the shelf when they were screaming ‘SOPHIE BUY ME, BUY ME!!!’ and that I did, well my mum did! Mum – 0 Sophie – 2.

All in all I had a very good day with my mum and I am very thankful that she bought me all these lovely new things and I would never ever take that for granted! Hope you had/ have a wonderful day like I did!!

Yours truly

Sophie x


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