Life gives you many opportunities and its up to you whether you take them or not. You are the God in your life, you control it. As my dad used to say ‘life gives you doors, you close one and another one opens.’ And ultimately its up to you whether you take the opportunities life throws at you.

I have always strived to take and opportunity that has been presented to me, many of these have been within dance. From a young age I have always been included in the world of dance. I took Ballet lessons at a young age and then swiftly moved onto acrobatics. As I got older my dance style changed and I was interested in more fast, staccato and ‘hip-hop’ style dance.

When I was 12 I joined Bradford City club as a cheerleader and stayed on for about a year. I fell in love with the dance style and I haven’t stopped since. After a while at Bradford City I had to quit because of the money. It was too expensive and my heart broke when I had to quit.

About a year later me and my friend found a new group based near where we lived and decided to join. I had forgot how much I loved cheerleading and I began to progress within that group. Now when I say cheerleading I know your all picturing short skirts, crop tops, blonde, skinny girls that squeal and say ‘Give me a U, Give me an A’ blah blah blah. But believe it or not cheerleading in the UK is completely different to America. For one we are more reserved and its more about the dance side of things.

Anyway the company grew as I grew up and I got the opportunity to join to competition team. Naturally I took this offer because I knew it would give me amazing opportunities and most importantly memories. I stayed with the competition many years and helped our troupe win a national championship title, & first place trophies in one competition and the company even got a TV programme.  I met many awesome people, people who I would count as friends for life, but unfortunately I had to leave for education purposes. But as I said at the beginning of this blog post. Life gives you many opportunities.

Being at that cheer company allowed me to get my Coaches award (level 1) and that then allowed me to get a job teaching young children cheerleading in schools, which was a great opportunity. As well as this I’ve been in to  Guide groups and taught mini classes. I’ve even choreographed two full length feature shows.

Dance has got me places in my life and now I’m enjoying doing an A-Level at my school. Dance is something I want to spend my life doing and someday I hope to open my own business. If there’s one thing that my career in dance has taught is to follow your dreams and the opportunities life throws at you because in the end you may get something pretty decent out of it.

A bit of an insightful post into my life and hopefully this post has inspired you to take the opportunities thrown at you!
(I realise I’ve said the word opportunities a lot but you could always make it into a game. Take a shot every time I said it ;), promise you, it’ll be great!)

Yours truly

Sophie x


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