Not so shameful self promotion!

So guys, the time has come where I share with you my own Youtube Channel. Instead of shamelessly promoting my boyfriends channel (check out previous post 😉 I’m going to not so shameless promote myself!

I created this channel so I could create Video Blogs where instead of writing down things I can speak them! This is all very new and exciting for me. Of course I will still write a blog post every other day. I would never cheat you out of a cheeky blog post from me, I love it too much and it’s great that you love my content too! 🙂 It’s also an awesome way for you lovely people to see my face, have a face to the writing and also learn a little more about me!

I would really appreciate it if you checked out my channel, maybe even give me a cheeky subscribe!

Latest Video:

Yours truly

Sophie x

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