Things to do when your home alone!

I am home alone…. again (Im so lonely) and I often get stuck with ideas on what to do! Naturally I would stay in my pit of DOOOOOOOOM, lay in bed, read a book and maybe catch up on some YouTube videos, but today I decided to venture out. I am currently sitting in my living room with a big cup of hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows (Oh and a choccy biccy!)

As I sat on my sofa, pondering life and chugging down delicious hot cocoa it gave me an idea for a blog post and so, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to bring you 10 ideas on what to do when home alone!

One. Listen to music really loud
Two. Come out of the pit of doom…. I.e the bedroom… and venture out into another realm called THE LIVING ROOM!!!!
Three. Delve into your parents secret stash of chocolate/ biscuits and help yourself! (Then deny it all when they come back home to see theres nothing left!)
Four. Stick on a movie that your parents would not class appropriate
Five. If your feeling daring…. Walk around naked! (Let it all hang loose)
Six. Do a Cameron Diaz and have a lonely dance party
Seven. Call a bestie and run up the phone bill
Eight. Absolutely Nothing: Stare at the walls, ponder life, play with your belly button, or twirl your hair with your finger. That’s the extent of it.
Nine. Go for a wee with the door open — trust me, its very ‘freeing’
Ten. Talk to your pets… (there’s always hope they might talk back!) If you don’t have any pets, there’s always yourself?

So! You lovely lot why not try some of these out next time your home alone, it may make that lonely experience more fun!!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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