I Apologise

As you can see from the title of this blog post that I am going to apologise. For over the last week I have been Ill, and I mean really Ill. Stuck in bed, no energy, no food, a bucket, water and a trip to the hospital, which I hated! (Im petrified of hospitals!)

This week I have been a slug, laid in bed feeling sorry for myself. I gift you with more details about my illness because, lets face it, it’s not very pleasant and not something you would wanna read about. (if you do, well thats kinda weird!)

As I said I had no energy to do anything, literally, the stairs were hard. (It was like climbing Mount Everest!) So I had to neglect you guys and I really am sorry for that! I hate not writing a blog post, despite what you might think but I actually love typing away at my laptop and writing a load of codswallop for you lovely people who are so kind to read it.

So today as I am feeling a lot better, I write my apology and hopefully you will forgive me!

I am sorry for neglecting you lovely people who read my blog and I vow from today onwards I WILL write a blog post 3 times a week!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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