A New Found freedom!

Tuesday 14th April I finally passed my driving test.

After nearly 2 years of driving lessons, yes I know it was a long time. Two different driving instructors and moving house its finally done!

It feels awesome to have passed and I am one step closer to being free from bugging my parents for lifts or being restricted to bus and train times. I will no longer need to ring a taxi, unless I need one from coming home on a night out! I am a safe driver! Don’t drink and drive people!!!

Anyway the morning of my driving test, I got up early. Even though Tuesday is my only day to sleep in! I fried up some bacon, slapped it in between two pieces of bread and tucked into that bacon sarni! Delicious!! I made sure I was hydrated and I ended up drinking waaaaay too much water. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve drank that much so early in the morning. I then proceeded to chill out for a bit and catch up on Game of Thrones!

Before too long my driving instructor turned up at my front door and it was time. Time to face my dooooom!

To be honest, I don’t know why I was so nervous. The women I got was so lovely, she chatted away, asked me about my life and vice versa. I drove like I would normally drive, calm, collected and AWESOME!! haha it was literally like I was driving with my driving instructor.

Anyway to cut a 40 minute driving test short I passed! With only 2 minors! I was unbelievably happy, I rang and texted friends and family to tell them the good news. It’s now Friday and I am still so happy, but at the same time it’s actually quite sad. It’s sad that I have to say goodbye to my driving instructor, we had such good banter and had a laugh each lesson.

Soon I am going to pick up my own car and will be listening to my tunes in the sun with friends! I honestly cant wait to get behind the wheel by myself. I cant wait to go on a road trip to wales, or take my step sister to Alton Towers or even go to Ikea to taste them mouth watering meat balls!!!

I’ve got a taste of freedom and I’m loving it! Hope your week has been great!

Yours truly
Sophie x


A little bit more about me…

I thought that today I would give you a little bit more information about me and my life!

This is me!!


I’m 19 and still at school (I know what your thinking, 19 and still in school, stupid!!)

But I am in the midst of completing my second year of A Levels!  

I study:  

– English Language 

– Dance 

– Media 

 School does get annoying sometimes and I say it’s the bane of my life, Yet I still love it. I get to see my friends everyday and even though I’ve only known them for a year and a bit I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends! They’re constantly there for me; they listen to my rants just to get things of my mind, put up with my craziness and what’s great there crazy too!! 

Another big part of my life is Danny, my boyfriend. (I’ve talked about him before in my shameless self promoting post, so go check that out!) I’ve been with him a year and a half and honest to god I love him to pieces! He is my rock, my everything and also the one constant thing that makes me happy. When I need to get stuff of my chest he listens and then tells me I’m being stupid or not! (More often then not, I’m being stupid, but that’s just me and my anxiety!)
He is such a sweet guy (when he wants to be) genuine, handsome and a know it all. I can depend on him and trust him with my life, again I couldn’t ask for anything more! 

I can picture him now whilst he reads this (if he does) rolling his eyes at the soppyness and saying ‘gaaaaaaaay’. (He says gaaaaay to everything anyone says that is remotely lovey dovey…. Boys! TYPICAL!

My parents are divorced but both of them are happy. My dad remarried and my mum is engaged and getting married later this year! But let’s not talk about that! 

2015 is a big year for me;

– recently me and Danny have decided to get a house together!
I am so excited!! 

– I’m finishing my A levels 

– hopefully opening up my own dance business

– Going on holiday again with Danny

– Driving test 

– Moving in with my Dad permanently


ell there you go, a few more pieces of information about me! Bit of a random post but who doesn’t love a bit of info in to a strangers life. We are curious/ nosy people and if someone denies that then your lying!!!! 

 Yours truly 

Sophie x

Furious 7 Review

Last week I went to see Furious 7? or Fast and Furious 7? I’ve seen/ heard both titles and I am still confused as to which one it is! 

Anyway I have to admit I went into this film being sceptical about it as I had lost interest in the franchise after Tokyo Drift (the third film?) But a plus to this film is that It was directed by James Wan, who I love! 

 Just to put this film in perspective, this film gives us a family fuelled crew gathering one last time to take out the brother of a previous bad guy named “Shaw” (Jason Statham plays this part amazingly) while rescuing a hacker from major terrorist enemies. (who btw used to be in Hollyoaks) Whilst having underlying stories of love and family values. All this packed into a 137 minute long feature film. Spoilt! 

I do feel like this franchise copies itself, there isn’t much you can do with a series of films based around racing cars and defeating bad guys, and I was starting to think that  by the sixth film they had recycled all ideas. BUT NO! This film showed the lengths of what producers would go to in order to give us entertainment. 

Throughout the film I was continuously amazed by what was happening, I often found my mouth hanging open and right at the end I nearly shed a tear. As Paul Walker died during filming, I thought they did a very good job with the CGI and also his brother being a stand in. 

All in all this film is a send of and the last goodbye for Paul Walker, the last sequence does this well, showing flash backs with a love filled voice over by Vin Diesel. This is also paired with amazing mise-en-scene and the media student in me is screaming out to analyse every second of it. But I wouldn’t want to bore you with that!

I really think you should go and check it out, if you havn’t already contributed to the $800 million that the box office has collated. 

 Yours Truly 

Sophie x