Furious 7 Review

Last week I went to see Furious 7? or Fast and Furious 7? I’ve seen/ heard both titles and I am still confused as to which one it is! 

Anyway I have to admit I went into this film being sceptical about it as I had lost interest in the franchise after Tokyo Drift (the third film?) But a plus to this film is that It was directed by James Wan, who I love! 

 Just to put this film in perspective, this film gives us a family fuelled crew gathering one last time to take out the brother of a previous bad guy named “Shaw” (Jason Statham plays this part amazingly) while rescuing a hacker from major terrorist enemies. (who btw used to be in Hollyoaks) Whilst having underlying stories of love and family values. All this packed into a 137 minute long feature film. Spoilt! 

I do feel like this franchise copies itself, there isn’t much you can do with a series of films based around racing cars and defeating bad guys, and I was starting to think that  by the sixth film they had recycled all ideas. BUT NO! This film showed the lengths of what producers would go to in order to give us entertainment. 

Throughout the film I was continuously amazed by what was happening, I often found my mouth hanging open and right at the end I nearly shed a tear. As Paul Walker died during filming, I thought they did a very good job with the CGI and also his brother being a stand in. 

All in all this film is a send of and the last goodbye for Paul Walker, the last sequence does this well, showing flash backs with a love filled voice over by Vin Diesel. This is also paired with amazing mise-en-scene and the media student in me is screaming out to analyse every second of it. But I wouldn’t want to bore you with that!

I really think you should go and check it out, if you havn’t already contributed to the $800 million that the box office has collated. 

 Yours Truly 

Sophie x

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