Day 2? 

So today was day 1 of the holiday, or is it day 2, because technically yesterday was day 1 as we arrived that day! 

Day 1….

Day 2…. I think I’ll just stick with this! 

Anyway today was a long day even though we pretty much did nothing. After a nice long soak in the bath the night before….

 A nice sleep in, in the comfiest but uncomfiest bed ever we got up, showered, ate and got ready for the day. 
My mum decided what we was going to do, so we ended up going on a steam yacht boat trip over a random lake in the Lake District… Like there’s any shortage of lakes in the Lake District!

It was a bit windy, a bit cold and also a bit sunny, basically it was typical British weather just without the rain! 

  Anyway we all set out on this boat trip to look around the surrounding area, and surprisingly it was actually quite beautiful!! 

  After the 45 minute boat trip we settled down in the little yet efficient cafe and grabbed a bite to eat! I decided on a hot dog in an American style bap and Danny had a sausage sandwich.     
They were absolutely delicious and deffo hit the spot! 

After that it was time to go home! Knuckle down, do some revision, read a book, write a blog post, have a snack and go to sleep!  
Btw If any of you are wondering, my and Danny’s evening snack was quite delicious! 

Grapes and cream is surprisingly yummy and went down a treat!!  
Anyway, hope you had a great bank holiday Sunday and I’ll be on tomorrow with my day 2/3 update!! 

Yours truly

Sophie x


Holiday Time!!

So today I drove all the way up to the Lake District. Mind you, it did only consist of roads that you could do 60mph on. But nevertheless It was my first long winded drive and I did pretty well if I do say so myself. Although Danny may say different!

The view’s were amazing as the sky was blue with no clouds in site. We snapped a couple of picture’s but they don’t do it justice. Mind you, camera’s never do, unless you’ve got an expensive one.


We stopped of at a lovely cafe do grab a light snack, I had an amazing cheese sandwich with a salad on the side and a healthy glass of water. After a quick stop in the gift shop, Danny being a good boyfriend bought me a candle 😉 we carried on our merry way to the little cottage. It’s cute, quaint and very traditional!


All in all, our first evening is going pretty well, the shepherds pie is in the oven, I’m going to run myself a nice hot bubbly bath later and have an hour long soak. Cant wait!!!

I hope you enjoy your holiday! If you’re not on holiday well then…. Have a nice day at work!

Yours truly

Sophie x

I didn’t know that!! 

Stress, stress, stress and more stress!! It’s exam’s time, the time of year that comes round too soon for the unfortunate people still education. A time of rushing the revision, a time for pulling your own hair out and the stressing the F out!!! 

Lucky for some there exams have been and gone but I still have most of mine to come! BOO! My stress levels are at an all time high with the amount of revision I need to do as well as the expectations of my parents! 

Anyway the other day, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, delaying my impending doom of being stuck doing revision all day, I came across an article! 

4 things that stress you out. 


Yes! Your probably thinking, ‘how could a device that’s designed to make your life easier actually be causing stress’ the sad truth is that smartphones are incredibly addictive,  and that addiction causes our brains to behave in strange ways! 

Junk Food:

Unfortunately guys, it’s a sad occasion as junk food causes stress. There’s a direct link between junk food and stress, and it’s not the one that you’d expect. We all love to tear into a box of donuts or a bag of dorito’s ( in my case kinder chocolate! ) after a long hard day, because stress eating just feel good… At least until you stop. 

Messy bedroom syndrome: 

Ahh one I can relate too! Whether you’re a bit of a slob or a total neat freak, your mess is causing you stress. While the ‘acceptable’ level of clutter will vary from person to person, at least try to organise your mess and keep it under control 


If your thinking the same way I am the your definatley thinking this a weird one! 

It’s pretty hard to avoid this one entirely, but knowing the current time is surprisingly stressful. Looking at a clock immediately triggers the brain to think about all your upcoming activities in relation to that time. 

As you can see the title of this of this blog post, you can see that I really didn’t know any of this and was really surprised when I found out. 

Yours truly 

Sophie x

A great big ball of ewwy! 

So it’s may! YAAAAAY! The sun is shining ( sort of – England isn’t the best of places for good weather)  birds are singing and it’s time for a holiday! Which for me is coming in just under a week! 

Lovely week in the Lake District for me and my fella (plus the mother and fiancé) -_- but there paying for it so I’m happy! 


Unfortunately this is also the time of year when everyone and there uncle has a cold. BOOOO! And I, like every other year are suffering. It’s just my look as well to get this before I go away! BLOODY TYPICAL! 
I woke this morning with a raging temperature a stonking headache and a lack of interest in everything apart from sleeping. Luckily for me I got my sleep in although I was then rudely awakened by the sun! 

Anyway after being rudely awoken and after a couple of hours catching up on my programmes it got me thinking, what to do when your ill. 

If your anything like me you’ll like to vegetate in bed, watch TV and chill out for the whole day. Stopping occasionally for a trip to the toilet and a snack or two but what do others do. 

Here are some suggestions:

Read a book 

Be creative – find your inner child and make a den to relax in for he rest of the day

Be boring and do some homework 

Sit outside and gets some air – enjoy the weather 

Light lots and lots and lots of candles and have a nice bubble bath!! 

If you are one of the unfortunate’s who have been blessed with an illness during the time where we should all be enjoying the sun and lapping up the Rays. Get well soon!!!! 

Yours Truly

Sophie x