A great big ball of ewwy! 

So it’s may! YAAAAAY! The sun is shining ( sort of – England isn’t the best of places for good weather)  birds are singing and it’s time for a holiday! Which for me is coming in just under a week! 

Lovely week in the Lake District for me and my fella (plus the mother and fiancé) -_- but there paying for it so I’m happy! 


Unfortunately this is also the time of year when everyone and there uncle has a cold. BOOOO! And I, like every other year are suffering. It’s just my look as well to get this before I go away! BLOODY TYPICAL! 
I woke this morning with a raging temperature a stonking headache and a lack of interest in everything apart from sleeping. Luckily for me I got my sleep in although I was then rudely awakened by the sun! 

Anyway after being rudely awoken and after a couple of hours catching up on my programmes it got me thinking, what to do when your ill. 

If your anything like me you’ll like to vegetate in bed, watch TV and chill out for the whole day. Stopping occasionally for a trip to the toilet and a snack or two but what do others do. 

Here are some suggestions:

Read a book 

Be creative – find your inner child and make a den to relax in for he rest of the day

Be boring and do some homework 

Sit outside and gets some air – enjoy the weather 

Light lots and lots and lots of candles and have a nice bubble bath!! 

If you are one of the unfortunate’s who have been blessed with an illness during the time where we should all be enjoying the sun and lapping up the Rays. Get well soon!!!! 

Yours Truly

Sophie x 

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