I didn’t know that!! 

Stress, stress, stress and more stress!! It’s exam’s time, the time of year that comes round too soon for the unfortunate people still education. A time of rushing the revision, a time for pulling your own hair out and the stressing the F out!!! 

Lucky for some there exams have been and gone but I still have most of mine to come! BOO! My stress levels are at an all time high with the amount of revision I need to do as well as the expectations of my parents! 

Anyway the other day, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, delaying my impending doom of being stuck doing revision all day, I came across an article! 

4 things that stress you out. 


Yes! Your probably thinking, ‘how could a device that’s designed to make your life easier actually be causing stress’ the sad truth is that smartphones are incredibly addictive,  and that addiction causes our brains to behave in strange ways! 

Junk Food:

Unfortunately guys, it’s a sad occasion as junk food causes stress. There’s a direct link between junk food and stress, and it’s not the one that you’d expect. We all love to tear into a box of donuts or a bag of dorito’s ( in my case kinder chocolate! ) after a long hard day, because stress eating just feel good… At least until you stop. 

Messy bedroom syndrome: 

Ahh one I can relate too! Whether you’re a bit of a slob or a total neat freak, your mess is causing you stress. While the ‘acceptable’ level of clutter will vary from person to person, at least try to organise your mess and keep it under control 


If your thinking the same way I am the your definatley thinking this a weird one! 

It’s pretty hard to avoid this one entirely, but knowing the current time is surprisingly stressful. Looking at a clock immediately triggers the brain to think about all your upcoming activities in relation to that time. 

As you can see the title of this of this blog post, you can see that I really didn’t know any of this and was really surprised when I found out. 

Yours truly 

Sophie x

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