Holiday Time!!

So today I drove all the way up to the Lake District. Mind you, it did only consist of roads that you could do 60mph on. But nevertheless It was my first long winded drive and I did pretty well if I do say so myself. Although Danny may say different!

The view’s were amazing as the sky was blue with no clouds in site. We snapped a couple of picture’s but they don’t do it justice. Mind you, camera’s never do, unless you’ve got an expensive one.


We stopped of at a lovely cafe do grab a light snack, I had an amazing cheese sandwich with a salad on the side and a healthy glass of water. After a quick stop in the gift shop, Danny being a good boyfriend bought me a candle 😉 we carried on our merry way to the little cottage. It’s cute, quaint and very traditional!


All in all, our first evening is going pretty well, the shepherds pie is in the oven, I’m going to run myself a nice hot bubbly bath later and have an hour long soak. Cant wait!!!

I hope you enjoy your holiday! If you’re not on holiday well then…. Have a nice day at work!

Yours truly

Sophie x

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