Day 2? 

So today was day 1 of the holiday, or is it day 2, because technically yesterday was day 1 as we arrived that day! 

Day 1….

Day 2…. I think I’ll just stick with this! 

Anyway today was a long day even though we pretty much did nothing. After a nice long soak in the bath the night before….

 A nice sleep in, in the comfiest but uncomfiest bed ever we got up, showered, ate and got ready for the day. 
My mum decided what we was going to do, so we ended up going on a steam yacht boat trip over a random lake in the Lake District… Like there’s any shortage of lakes in the Lake District!

It was a bit windy, a bit cold and also a bit sunny, basically it was typical British weather just without the rain! 

  Anyway we all set out on this boat trip to look around the surrounding area, and surprisingly it was actually quite beautiful!! 

  After the 45 minute boat trip we settled down in the little yet efficient cafe and grabbed a bite to eat! I decided on a hot dog in an American style bap and Danny had a sausage sandwich.     
They were absolutely delicious and deffo hit the spot! 

After that it was time to go home! Knuckle down, do some revision, read a book, write a blog post, have a snack and go to sleep!  
Btw If any of you are wondering, my and Danny’s evening snack was quite delicious! 

Grapes and cream is surprisingly yummy and went down a treat!!  
Anyway, hope you had a great bank holiday Sunday and I’ll be on tomorrow with my day 2/3 update!! 

Yours truly

Sophie x

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