Busy Busy Busy

Well firstly let me just say sorry for not updating you on my holiday but literally I had no time, during the day we was out having fun, playing golf, driving about, watching movies and generally being a tourist around the Lake District. By night i was revising, having luxurious bubble baths and eating food. It was a great holiday, i absolutely loved it.

Now being back I miss my boyfriend, I miss sharing a bed with him and I just miss him in general. Having someone there constantly was great and now having that empty space next to me at night and not having someone to talk to is rubbish. I miss Danny so much.Missed him so much I’ve jumped at the chance to drive over to where he lives and go see him, since we got back on saturday I’ve seen Danny every day…. well apart from today.

Anyway to get to the nitty gritty, I am a really busy girl atm. Just started my A2 exams and it’s STRESSFULL!! 

I did two exams today and I’ve been in an evidulated zone all day. My two resist clashed with each other, so naturally the school decided to keep me in one room all day in-between my exams. I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, use my phone, move about. I was stuck. It’s been a very very very long day. Busy busy busy.

Now it’s time to revise for my A2 Media exam, I have to know facts and figures about the Online Age, about the web history, Steve Jobs, Other Theorists, about iTunes, The music industry and even the Tv industry and it’s history. So many facts need to be learnt by friday and nothings going in. Thats the trouble with exams, they pack your head with this information all year long and then BLAM you have to be subjected with that knowledge and write it all down in just 2 hours.


Anyway, it’s time for me to actually do some of that revision and actually try and learn these facts.

Yours truly

Sophie x

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