Big Hero 6 review


Running Time: 102 Minutes
Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Score: 9/10

I have to say I am impressed by this film and how far technology has come along. The animation is amazing, to me it’s flawless and i’m no expert. Anyway I loved this film, the story line was good, it took you through every emotion, which tbh you would expect from a Disney film.

It made me laugh, it made me cry and it genuinely it made me root for the main characters. I love the two main characters within this film, Hero is cute, I love his hair it’s amazing, if only we had hair like that in this world. I also love the fact that he has such a foreign name for such an American child. I also love how they call it a nerd school, I would love to go to that school, it look’s pretty awesome! If only I was ‘nerdy’.

Baymax is amazing, i would love a squeeshy buggy Robot like that, he’s so cute!!!!!!!

Anyway it’s a must watch, whether your an adult or a teenager it’s a must watch!!!

Yours truly

Sophie x


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