A Story Opening

Okay don’t judge, I’m trying something new. I used to write story’s all the time about my dreams and had them stored away on my old laptop, I found this is my AS English folder and I thought I would type it up and show it to you guy!

Last night I watched myself sleep. Every night I see myself lying in my bed with the same old duvet sheets with the same old boring pattern on. It’s so peaceful, quiet. I look so calm. Everything looks different at night, less busy, deserted in fact. You cant here my brother squealing or my mum and dad arguing. Its so soothing. I like it.

Of course this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done this many times, in fact, I can’t remember the last time that I had a normal dream. Well normal as they come because I have weird dreams. My mum says I have an over-reactive imagination, that’s why I have crazy dreams about riding dinosaurs or my grandpa turning into a snake a chasing me around shopping center’s. The great thing about seeing myself sleep a night is that I can do anything. I can just get out of bed and walk around, its interesting to see how the tree’s look at night or how the sky looks. I can do anything when I’m like this. If I wanted to I could grow wings and fly away, or I could grow gills and go diving in the ocean. I’ve even pretended to be married to Johnny Depp and sailed the seven sea’s with him.

Okay here goes….

Last night I flew away. I flew to a place I didn’t want to be. Everything was dark and dingy. I was scared, but yet I couldn’t stop myself, it was like something was pulling me there, drawing me in. I remember a light at the end of the room, a big room with wooden paneling and wooden floors. A door was at the end of the room, I always felt compelled to go to the door and open it but at the same time it felt wrong. I felt weird. Somehow I just knew that behind that door was my worst nightmare, something so scary and petrifying that I wouldn’t be able to get back. Oh how I wanted to be back in my bed. But yet again I could just think about being in bed and I would wake up.

Yours truly

Sophie x


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