Ex – Machina Review

Running time: 104 minutes

Director: Alex Garland

My Score: 4/10

When I saw this trailer I was really excited about seeing it, yet I never saw when it came out in the UK in the cinemas. So I just waited, I finally watched it in the Sky Store and I have to say I’m in two minds.

I sort of liked it but also hated it. It took ages to get going and really in the last 30 minutes it got interesting. I was bored for almost all of it and I don’t really know why I bothered paying £4.95 to rent it.

The main scientist guy, I never really connected with, the ginger guy I felt sorry for and Ava confused me. I was expecting so much more from what I saw in the trailer. Tbh I was expecting an I Robot kind of thing.

The ending though surprised me and made me feel a little interested when the ginger guy found all the other ai’s and the spontaneous dance session half way through the film but I think that’s about it. I also hated the ending where she locked the ginger guy up! This is why we should never make Ai’s.

Anyway it bored me that much I can’t remember the characters names.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as it really bored me. But that is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Yours truly

Sophie x


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