Jurassic World Review


Running Time: 2 hour 10
Director: Colin Trevorrow
My score: 9/10


First of all lets just address how freaking AMAZING this film is! I absolutely loved it, I was so engrossed by the movie I had finished my mixed slush by the first 30 minutes of the film.

This film does a great job of re creating the Jurassic Park franchise and lives up to the expectation. It has the great ‘oldies’ dinosaurs with the T-rex and my personal faves the Velociraptors and also some new dinosaurs that we haven’t come across, especially the genetically modified hybrid of T-rex and Velociraptor.

I love that good old B D Wong from the original cast is in this film, although he kind of portrays a bad guy this time around. The very sexy Chris Pratt is in this and he really does play his role well, he has a Nathan Drake look going on from the Uncharted series, which does really work for me 😉 haha. The lead actress does an amazing job of running around in heels for the whole film which actually quite surprises me, because common no one does that! we give up eventually…

The kids in this film aren’t really relevant, it just felt like they were there as a film starter, because thats the reason why we have a Jurassic World film because there going to visit their aunt who just happens to work there. Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that every dinosaur was CGI apart from one, which was dying, and was laying on the floor. I really wanted to see more mechanical dino’s!!!!

Anyway, when I saw the trailer I didn’t really like what was shown. Out of context, like in the trailer, the motorbike seen with the velociraptors looked unnatural and very shit, but in context I really liked that concept. I’m super thrilled I went to see this film and it was well worth the money that I didn’t spend. Thanks Danny for buying the tickets 😉 Love you! hehe

I give this film a 9/10 purely because there was no old school mechanical dino’s. boo! But GO WATCH THIS FILM!!!!!

yours truly

Sophie x


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