New Beginnings 

Ahhh the time has come when I’ve finally finished school. I’m done with exams. I’m done with school food, I’m done with lessons. And it feels great! 

I’ve finally finished that chapter of my life and it’s time to start a whole new one. 

It’s time for new beginnings. 

Goodbye school kid, hello working adult. 

I can’t wait to take on the obvious adult responsibilities… Like; saving money, spending money, saving for a house, a mortgage, food shopping, car tax, MOT, tax in general, bills, rent Ect. 


I’m not that excited! 

I’m not excited at the fact I’m spending the next 6 months in the tiniest room ever where half my belongings are in boxes in the garage either… But that’s a story for a different time. 

In fact there isn’t much to be excited about apart from the fact I’m closer to my amazing boyfriend and also prospects of starting a new job, which is great cause then I’ll some cash rolling in. 

I really don’t know how ‘adults’ do it. There’s so much to contend with! 

If I’m honest with you, I’m dreading it! But Adult life here we come! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x


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