I’m back! 

When I first started this blog it was to help me get stuff out of my head and onto paper, so to speak, apart from I decided to splash it all over the Internet!

Since then I have come on leaps and bounds with my anxiety and at this moment in time I’m feeling great!

I feel great about my life and where my head is at. I can’t remember the last time I had a full blown panic attack and to me that is a very positive thing. I have wobbles every know and then where I begin to doubt things. But now I tend to think positivly and the anxious feelings go away! Where before I would just let these feelings eat away and I would over think things!

I am finally living in one place which helps tremendously and I have finished school permanently and looking for a full time job. Life is great and I’m looking towards the future.

I know I havnt made many blog posts recently, if at all any, but I’m back from my break and I’m going to start writing some lovely blog post for you all to fill my empty days! (Having no job sucks!) 

Anyway hope you are having a lovely summer!

Yours truly 

Sophie x


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