School’s over. What next!

Results day as been and gone and I’m betting there’s millions of people who are in the same position as me! 

What is there to do after education ends!

You go through years upon years of education to get to this one crossroad in your life which also sets you up for the rest of your life. Unfortunately for some people (including me) education is wasted. I have found that I don’t want to follow the system that secondary education sets you up for, which means no university for me! 

Now, there are many pro’s and con’s to this. 

Pro’s being:

– not going to uni allows you to have a break from education 

– free from student loan debt which you have to pay back for the rest of your life 

– getting a job and actually going somewhere with your life

– not wasting another 3 – 4 years of your life to get a degree and then come out and work in subway! 

Con’s being:

– it’s really hard to get a full time job when you havnt got a job

– you have no work experience

– getting a degree sets you aside to other people 

– them 2 years you’ve just spent doing A levels now mean nothing and therefore was a complete waste of your life! 

Rant alert! 

What really annoys me about the whole education system is that they spend 7 years of your life, setting you up for University when school’s should recognise that not all students want to go to uni! 

What about the small minute amount of people that don’t want to go! Schools don’t do anything for them people ( me being one of them) we are rejected and forgotten and put aside whilst everyone else is doing UCAS forms. They don’t do anything for us, no CV writing, no help with job prospects or even what job opportunities are out there! 

So now I’m stuck in this dead end cycle of job hunting with a poorly set out CV that includes:

– couple of part time jobs 

– A week of work experience I attaind in year 11 

– And multiple awards with musical instruments! 

I have been searching and searching for a job and nothing’s come up. It just would’ve been nice to have a little help along the way!! 

Rant over! 

Phew! Haha anyway I’m hoping the future holds a nice job (not in subway) with a decent income where I can buy my dream home 🙂 

For those who are going to University I hope your results were awesome and you’ve got into your first choice! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x 


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