Pixels movie review! 

Title: Pixels
Running time: 106 minutes

Director: Chris Columbus

Score: 7.5/10 

Okay, I’m gonna start with the only reason why I went to see the film and that was to see Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liar actress – my new favourite TV programme) yet I felt her part didn’t give me the PLL satisfaction. But she did look pretty badass with two samurai swords (tbh she could’ve used them to off A!) 

I had not seen many adverts for this film or even a trailer, just bits of it, so I only really knew that there was a big PacMan and Ashley Benson. So I didn’t really have an opinion going in, and I came out having had an amazing experience. The film was HILARIOUS! Adam Sandler did an amazing job and I feel like this is the best Happy Madison film I’ve seen (although my favourite film with Sandler is Hotel Transylvania!!!) 

The film in a whole is about old arcade games being brought to life by an Alien population and sent to destroy Earth one match at a time! It’s a bit of a weird context for a film but Hey Ho! It worked (can’t really imagine someone pitching it and not sounding crazy!) 

Even though the arcade games that were featured are old ones I still recognised most of them, which was great cause I also understood most of the jokes that were put forward. What was even better was that my sister understood them as well! We spent the every minute laughing, it was great! 

The cast was actually decent and well known and actually had some chemistry! Which was refreshing seen as the last film I saw was Fantastic Four and we all know what score that got on Rotten Tomatoes! 

When Peter Dinklage made his appearance there was two things that could think of. TYRION LANNISTER!! And that he’s actually not that small, either that or Josh Gad is TINY! I love Dinklage’s character, it shows how diverse he is as an actor, the only thing that really grated on me was his stupid accent! It felt like an old man trying to do an American accent but at the same time trying to be down with the kids. It was weird and horrible! (It felt as awkward as when my dad tries to add a foreign accent onto his English) 

One actor I didn’t think would be In a film like this is Sean Bean, and to my surprise he did not die! He normally dies in everything! Which again was nice a refreshing. 

What did annoy me about this film was the stereotype of England that America has. Apparently we all speak really posh English and speak gobildy gook a lot. But guys! We don’t! We are normal people! 

Other than that, it’s a very funny film which all ages could watch and enjoy! In my opinion it deserves more than a 5.5 rating on IMDB because it had everything! Romance, humour, grippy story line, amazing characters, character development and even heart ranching moments! 
Do go see this film guys, it’s a great one to watch! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x


9 thoughts on “Pixels movie review! 

  1. ressivocmer says:

    To me the comedy felt too forced and I did not like the characters, so pretty much the complete opposite 😛 But that is kind of what I like about movies and blogging. Sharing and reading different views. I’m happy you got to enjoy this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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