When you realise your too old… 

So last night I went out in town with my boyfriend and a couple of friends to say goodbye to one of the friends who just happened to be moving. (how many times can you say friend in one sentence! ) and as you do, you have pre drinks before you go out and then start in town. Naturally. 

Now I don’t go out that often, maybe once a month or a special occasion, but it used to be every Saturday night. I got all glammed up and trudged out whatever the weather to blow what little money I had on empty calories, sweaty atmosphere and shitty music. 

We had a couple of drinks is spoons and then made our way to the next pub. I think I had 1 drink in there and then just gave up. It just didn’t appeal to me anymore! I had a good boogie with the girls and then I began to get really tired and fed up (this was around 11 ish) I started thinking maybe I’m just not cut out for this anymore. 

By 12 we were in a taxi heading home and we were all saying ‘I can’t wait to get in bed’.  Everybody please bare in mind that I am 19 years old. I was the youngest out and I was also saying that! Ha! It makes me laugh. 

I think when you first turn 18 it’s amazing and you want to spend every minute drinking and having fun but it wares off after and while and you just don’t feel it anymore. It’s either that or I’ve grown up! (Eww adults! ) 

Anyway so I’ve come to realise that I’m too old for a night out! Which is strange because I’m still so young! But I will still go out on occasion because otherwise I’ll be branded a boring sod! 

Has anyone else started to feel this way even though your still young!? I hope I’m not the only one! 

Yours truly

Sophie x 


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