Shaun the Sheep movie review

Director: Mark Burton & Richard Starzak

Running time: 85 minutes 

Score: 8/10

I have never ever watched Shaun the sheep, which personally I think is diabolical seen as I grew up watching CBBC and CBeebies. So when it came to the choice on what to watch on a Friday night in with the boyfriend that was an obvious choice. A choice well made in my opinion. I also now want to adopt a baby sheep! So cute!! 

I spent the full 85 minutes having a giggle and every now and an occasional great big belly laugh! I have to say it’s a great film for an adult like me to enjoy as well as a child (which is the intended audience) 

It received a 7.4 rating on IMDB and 99% on rotten tomatoes and In my opinion it falls in between. I really did love this film and it allowed me to let out a little bit of my inner child. 

I love how this film has no dialogue in it, yet you can still understand the point of the film. I also love how dark kids films are, there was so many jokes in this film that the intended audience would not understand yet a person of my age would. There’s even a silence of the lambs reference!

All in all I loved this film and had a great time cuddling with my other half whilst watching it 🙂 

I give it an 8/10 

Yours truly

Sophie x 


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