Winter Colds

I ladies and gentleman have been blessed with what we call a common winter cold. At least I think it’s a cold. Im drafting this blog post at 2am, so please folks bare in mind that it may or may not be entertaining or even make sense as I was delirious on paracetamols, soothers and also the fact that I genuinely cannot breathe and lack of oxygen can do that to a person. 

Colds are horrible things that come in all shapes and sizes. Being me and really unlucky when it comes to illness’ because of my really crappy immune system, I get lumped with the most aggressive one. Great! I can’t breathe, my throat is sore and tight but also incurably dry no matter how much water I drink. My nose is like a tap (not pleasant I know, I did warn you that this may not be entertaining) and my head is ringing constantly and feels like there fluid running through it, which does worry me, as im pretty sure I don’t want my brain to turn to mush! 

I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this as why would anyone want to know about my symptoms and how disgusting I am right now. Even my boyfriend is avoiding me just in case he gets what I’ve got. The saying ‘avoiding someone like the plague’ comes to mind. 

I am sorry, fellow followers if this post is not a nice one but this blog is a good place to share my feelings. And guys, I feel like utter CRAP! In fact I don’t even know why I’m drafting this post at 2am. Well there could be two reasons; it’s probably because I feel bad that I’ve not posted in a while or that I’m looking for some sympathy which I have not been given yet, especially from my family. (my dad made me fill a skip full of bricks and rubble today) 

It’s now 2.30am and I should probably think about getting some sleep, so I bid you a goodnight, good morning/afternoon and evening depending on what time it is and I ask you for a little sympathy whilst I feel sorry for myself. 

Yours truly

Poorly Sophie X 

P.s it’s now morning and I still feel the same. Someone pray that I get better soon! 


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