A year on…

A lot has happened in this last year since I was last active on here. 

You know that annoying thing that pops up in your Facebook notification box every day and shows you how your English lessons at skule were nt helping u att all and how cool you really used to be when mate was actually m8. I don’t know about you but mine just reminds me how bored I was so I just had jump on the ‘like for a rate’ band wagon. 

Well either way it helped remind me of something I used to love doing. So… here I am, about to spout out what goals I’ve accomplished in the last year of my life to, well, probably no one. BUT who really cares, as long as I’m happy and doing something to fill my spare time with, life is good! 

Anyway, to cut to the point of this blog post here’s a list of what’s happened; 

– I’m now officially employed! Yay!! (insert a round of applause) 

– I turned 21. Boo!! 

– I now live with my amazing boyfriend in our very own home.

– My car survived a whole year without breaking down.

And the last thing is; 

I HAVE A MORTGAGE! I know I’m such an adult! 

All this in one year… WOW

I feel over the moon with what I’ve achieved. I’ve proved lots of people wrong, including myself and let’s say I am loving life. 

All I needed was a little bit of determination! So cond on people get up, get out there, and achieve your goals! I believe in you!

Yours truly

Sophie x


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