The fine art of being a adult. 

I’ve learnt a lot about the joys of being an adult since I moved into my own house. 

Household chores are a big thing. 

I’ve had to make sure the clothes are washed and ready for work. Prepping dinner and making sure it’s cooked for around 6ish. Cleaning up afterwards and obsessing over little bits of dirt on my brand new yet utterly wrong choice but looks really lovely in my dining room…dining room table. Phew mouth full. 

The lack of getting ‘you’ time is also becoming a massive thing. Before when I lived with my parents, I’d get home, get changed, watch Tv, eat dinner, watch more Tv and then go to bed. Nowadays I get home, run round like a headless chicken and finally settle down around 9 at night and by then I’m too tired to do anything and just want my comfy bed! Only now I have to share it and I have less than half the room to spread like a starfish! 😩

I also find myself obsessing over everything in a decorative sense. ‘Does this candle look nice here. Does that clock go. Hmmm something’s missing here. Oh a nice lamp would look lovely here.’

I just can’t seem to stop thinking of little jobs I can do to make my house look just how I want it. The more I think about it as well, the more I come to realise that my house will never ever stop being tampered with! Which is slightly annoying, very time consuming and will probably put a very large hole in my pocket. Or Danny’s tehehe. 

Although I am a mere age of 21 I have come to respect my parents more and more as I’ve realised just how stressfull, time consuming and utterly non self centred adult life is. It’s always about others and never about yourself. So, Mum and Pops, I salute you! Well done….. for bringing up such an awesome child! Haha

Yours truly 

Sophie x


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