New Beginnings 

Ahhh the time has come when I’ve finally finished school. I’m done with exams. I’m done with school food, I’m done with lessons. And it feels great! 

I’ve finally finished that chapter of my life and it’s time to start a whole new one. 

It’s time for new beginnings. 

Goodbye school kid, hello working adult. 

I can’t wait to take on the obvious adult responsibilities… Like; saving money, spending money, saving for a house, a mortgage, food shopping, car tax, MOT, tax in general, bills, rent Ect. 


I’m not that excited! 

I’m not excited at the fact I’m spending the next 6 months in the tiniest room ever where half my belongings are in boxes in the garage either… But that’s a story for a different time. 

In fact there isn’t much to be excited about apart from the fact I’m closer to my amazing boyfriend and also prospects of starting a new job, which is great cause then I’ll some cash rolling in. 

I really don’t know how ‘adults’ do it. There’s so much to contend with! 

If I’m honest with you, I’m dreading it! But Adult life here we come! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x


Chocolate chip cookie!! 

I did a post the other day about a cake in a cup… Since then I have found more recipes like that! Easy, quick and yummy!! So I am now going to provide you wonderful people with CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE IN A CUP!!! 


All you need: 

– 1 tbsp butter 

– 1 tbsp white sugar 

– 1 tbsp dark brown sugar 

– 3 drops of vanilla extract 

– small pinch of salt 

– 1 egg yolk

– a little less then a 1/4 cup of all purpose flour 

– 2 heaped tbsp of chocolate chips

Melt butter in a cup for a few seconds in the microwave. Mix in white and brown sugars, vanilla extract and salt. Stir in egg yolk, followed by the flour then the chocolate chips. Bake in microwave for 40-60 seconds, checking to see if it’s cooked after 40 seconds. Then tuck in!! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x 

Jurassic World Review


Running Time: 2 hour 10
Director: Colin Trevorrow
My score: 9/10


First of all lets just address how freaking AMAZING this film is! I absolutely loved it, I was so engrossed by the movie I had finished my mixed slush by the first 30 minutes of the film.

This film does a great job of re creating the Jurassic Park franchise and lives up to the expectation. It has the great ‘oldies’ dinosaurs with the T-rex and my personal faves the Velociraptors and also some new dinosaurs that we haven’t come across, especially the genetically modified hybrid of T-rex and Velociraptor.

I love that good old B D Wong from the original cast is in this film, although he kind of portrays a bad guy this time around. The very sexy Chris Pratt is in this and he really does play his role well, he has a Nathan Drake look going on from the Uncharted series, which does really work for me 😉 haha. The lead actress does an amazing job of running around in heels for the whole film which actually quite surprises me, because common no one does that! we give up eventually…

The kids in this film aren’t really relevant, it just felt like they were there as a film starter, because thats the reason why we have a Jurassic World film because there going to visit their aunt who just happens to work there. Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that every dinosaur was CGI apart from one, which was dying, and was laying on the floor. I really wanted to see more mechanical dino’s!!!!

Anyway, when I saw the trailer I didn’t really like what was shown. Out of context, like in the trailer, the motorbike seen with the velociraptors looked unnatural and very shit, but in context I really liked that concept. I’m super thrilled I went to see this film and it was well worth the money that I didn’t spend. Thanks Danny for buying the tickets 😉 Love you! hehe

I give this film a 9/10 purely because there was no old school mechanical dino’s. boo! But GO WATCH THIS FILM!!!!!

yours truly

Sophie x

Craving that cake… 

Have you got a craving for cake, but like me you have no time to make a big one! Well I recently found out and amazing hack to make a cake to satisfy the cake needs!! Trust me, I’ve tried it. It tastes great!! 

All you need: 

a microwave

4 tbsp of flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup of Nutella 

3 tbsp of milk 

Whisk everything together in a large mug until smooth. Then, bake in the microwave for 1 minute. The cake is Cooked if a sharp knife inserted comes out clean. No pun intended 😉 If not, bake for an extra 20 seconds. Let it cool completely, this is a must, I didn’t and burnt my mouth 😦. Then dig in!!!! 

Yours truly 

Sophie x

Ex – Machina Review

Running time: 104 minutes

Director: Alex Garland

My Score: 4/10

When I saw this trailer I was really excited about seeing it, yet I never saw when it came out in the UK in the cinemas. So I just waited, I finally watched it in the Sky Store and I have to say I’m in two minds.

I sort of liked it but also hated it. It took ages to get going and really in the last 30 minutes it got interesting. I was bored for almost all of it and I don’t really know why I bothered paying £4.95 to rent it.

The main scientist guy, I never really connected with, the ginger guy I felt sorry for and Ava confused me. I was expecting so much more from what I saw in the trailer. Tbh I was expecting an I Robot kind of thing.

The ending though surprised me and made me feel a little interested when the ginger guy found all the other ai’s and the spontaneous dance session half way through the film but I think that’s about it. I also hated the ending where she locked the ginger guy up! This is why we should never make Ai’s.

Anyway it bored me that much I can’t remember the characters names.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as it really bored me. But that is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Yours truly

Sophie x

A Story Opening

Okay don’t judge, I’m trying something new. I used to write story’s all the time about my dreams and had them stored away on my old laptop, I found this is my AS English folder and I thought I would type it up and show it to you guy!

Last night I watched myself sleep. Every night I see myself lying in my bed with the same old duvet sheets with the same old boring pattern on. It’s so peaceful, quiet. I look so calm. Everything looks different at night, less busy, deserted in fact. You cant here my brother squealing or my mum and dad arguing. Its so soothing. I like it.

Of course this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done this many times, in fact, I can’t remember the last time that I had a normal dream. Well normal as they come because I have weird dreams. My mum says I have an over-reactive imagination, that’s why I have crazy dreams about riding dinosaurs or my grandpa turning into a snake a chasing me around shopping center’s. The great thing about seeing myself sleep a night is that I can do anything. I can just get out of bed and walk around, its interesting to see how the tree’s look at night or how the sky looks. I can do anything when I’m like this. If I wanted to I could grow wings and fly away, or I could grow gills and go diving in the ocean. I’ve even pretended to be married to Johnny Depp and sailed the seven sea’s with him.

Okay here goes….

Last night I flew away. I flew to a place I didn’t want to be. Everything was dark and dingy. I was scared, but yet I couldn’t stop myself, it was like something was pulling me there, drawing me in. I remember a light at the end of the room, a big room with wooden paneling and wooden floors. A door was at the end of the room, I always felt compelled to go to the door and open it but at the same time it felt wrong. I felt weird. Somehow I just knew that behind that door was my worst nightmare, something so scary and petrifying that I wouldn’t be able to get back. Oh how I wanted to be back in my bed. But yet again I could just think about being in bed and I would wake up.

Yours truly

Sophie x

Big Hero 6 review


Running Time: 102 Minutes
Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Score: 9/10

I have to say I am impressed by this film and how far technology has come along. The animation is amazing, to me it’s flawless and i’m no expert. Anyway I loved this film, the story line was good, it took you through every emotion, which tbh you would expect from a Disney film.

It made me laugh, it made me cry and it genuinely it made me root for the main characters. I love the two main characters within this film, Hero is cute, I love his hair it’s amazing, if only we had hair like that in this world. I also love the fact that he has such a foreign name for such an American child. I also love how they call it a nerd school, I would love to go to that school, it look’s pretty awesome! If only I was ‘nerdy’.

Baymax is amazing, i would love a squeeshy buggy Robot like that, he’s so cute!!!!!!!

Anyway it’s a must watch, whether your an adult or a teenager it’s a must watch!!!

Yours truly

Sophie x

Busy Busy Busy

Well firstly let me just say sorry for not updating you on my holiday but literally I had no time, during the day we was out having fun, playing golf, driving about, watching movies and generally being a tourist around the Lake District. By night i was revising, having luxurious bubble baths and eating food. It was a great holiday, i absolutely loved it.

Now being back I miss my boyfriend, I miss sharing a bed with him and I just miss him in general. Having someone there constantly was great and now having that empty space next to me at night and not having someone to talk to is rubbish. I miss Danny so much.Missed him so much I’ve jumped at the chance to drive over to where he lives and go see him, since we got back on saturday I’ve seen Danny every day…. well apart from today.

Anyway to get to the nitty gritty, I am a really busy girl atm. Just started my A2 exams and it’s STRESSFULL!! 

I did two exams today and I’ve been in an evidulated zone all day. My two resist clashed with each other, so naturally the school decided to keep me in one room all day in-between my exams. I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, use my phone, move about. I was stuck. It’s been a very very very long day. Busy busy busy.

Now it’s time to revise for my A2 Media exam, I have to know facts and figures about the Online Age, about the web history, Steve Jobs, Other Theorists, about iTunes, The music industry and even the Tv industry and it’s history. So many facts need to be learnt by friday and nothings going in. Thats the trouble with exams, they pack your head with this information all year long and then BLAM you have to be subjected with that knowledge and write it all down in just 2 hours.


Anyway, it’s time for me to actually do some of that revision and actually try and learn these facts.

Yours truly

Sophie x

Day 2? 

So today was day 1 of the holiday, or is it day 2, because technically yesterday was day 1 as we arrived that day! 

Day 1….

Day 2…. I think I’ll just stick with this! 

Anyway today was a long day even though we pretty much did nothing. After a nice long soak in the bath the night before….

 A nice sleep in, in the comfiest but uncomfiest bed ever we got up, showered, ate and got ready for the day. 
My mum decided what we was going to do, so we ended up going on a steam yacht boat trip over a random lake in the Lake District… Like there’s any shortage of lakes in the Lake District!

It was a bit windy, a bit cold and also a bit sunny, basically it was typical British weather just without the rain! 

  Anyway we all set out on this boat trip to look around the surrounding area, and surprisingly it was actually quite beautiful!! 

  After the 45 minute boat trip we settled down in the little yet efficient cafe and grabbed a bite to eat! I decided on a hot dog in an American style bap and Danny had a sausage sandwich.     
They were absolutely delicious and deffo hit the spot! 

After that it was time to go home! Knuckle down, do some revision, read a book, write a blog post, have a snack and go to sleep!  
Btw If any of you are wondering, my and Danny’s evening snack was quite delicious! 

Grapes and cream is surprisingly yummy and went down a treat!!  
Anyway, hope you had a great bank holiday Sunday and I’ll be on tomorrow with my day 2/3 update!! 

Yours truly

Sophie x

Holiday Time!!

So today I drove all the way up to the Lake District. Mind you, it did only consist of roads that you could do 60mph on. But nevertheless It was my first long winded drive and I did pretty well if I do say so myself. Although Danny may say different!

The view’s were amazing as the sky was blue with no clouds in site. We snapped a couple of picture’s but they don’t do it justice. Mind you, camera’s never do, unless you’ve got an expensive one.


We stopped of at a lovely cafe do grab a light snack, I had an amazing cheese sandwich with a salad on the side and a healthy glass of water. After a quick stop in the gift shop, Danny being a good boyfriend bought me a candle 😉 we carried on our merry way to the little cottage. It’s cute, quaint and very traditional!


All in all, our first evening is going pretty well, the shepherds pie is in the oven, I’m going to run myself a nice hot bubbly bath later and have an hour long soak. Cant wait!!!

I hope you enjoy your holiday! If you’re not on holiday well then…. Have a nice day at work!

Yours truly

Sophie x